Wood Products

Solid wood flooring is exactly what the name implies: a solid piece of wood from top to bottom. The thickness of solid wood flooring can vary, but generally ranges from ¾” to 5/16”. One of the many benefits of solid wood flooring is that it can be sanded and refinished many times. Solid wood flooring can be installed above or on grade.


Length: 300mm ~ 2100mm
Width: 50mm ~ 150mm
Thickness: 10mm ~ 18mm
Groove type: Tongue and groove, click

Grade: A/B/C/D
Surface: Smooth, handscraped, brushed, embossed
Species: Ash, Acacia, Birch, Cumaru, Ipe, Kempass, Jatoba, Merbau, Teak, Oak, Maple, Hickory, walnut, etc.